Tuesday, November 8, 2011

JQUERY for Advanced Web Designing

Jquery is a Java Script Library to create web apllications using interactive interfaces. Jquery uses AJAX, DOM and CSS

See a Demo of Virtual Panorama

Jquery Quick Learning

Some Excellent jQuery Resources

jQuery Tutorials

1. jQuery Crash Course
2. Getting Started with jQuery
3. Multiple File Upload Magic
4.  jQuery in 15 minutes

5. jQuery for JavaScript programmers
6. Easy Ajax with jQuery
7. jQuery in 15 minutes
8. jQuery Tutorials for Designers
9. Wrapping Images With A Drop Shadow
10. Simplify Ajax development with jQuery
11. Rounded Corners
12. Getting Around The Minimum Height Glitch
21. Safer Contact Forms Without CAPTCHA’s
22. Photo Slider Tutorial
23. Text box hints
24. 5 JavaScript Tricks Made Easy with jQuery
25. JQuery Pop-up Menu Tutorial
26. A Quick Code Igniter and JQuery Ajax Tutorial
27. jQuery and XML revisited
28. What is JSONP?
29. Creating A Sliding Image Puzzle Plug-In
30. Slide out and drawer effect
31. Creating accessible charts using canvas and jQuery
32. jQuery liScroll – a jQuery News Ticker
33. Visual jQuery 1.1

jQuery Plugin Directoies

34. Visual jQuery 1.1
35. Plugins | jQuery Plugins
36. jQueryPlugins.com – The Home Of All jQuery Plugins
37.240 jQuery plugins

jQuery Video Tutorials

38. Jquery Smooth Scrolling Tutorial
39. jQuery AJAX forms Tutorial
40. swfupload ajax jquery drupal module image editor
41. jQuery 1.2.3
42. Drag and Drop JQuery + AJAX
43. jComboBox demo Tutorial

jQery Podcasts

44. Drupal Podcast No. 53: Javascript/JQuery in Drupal | Lullabot
45. Podcast 52: Javascript Libraries :: Boagworld

jQuery ebooks

46. jQuery Reference Guide
47. jQuery in Action

jQuery Cheat Sheets

48. Color Charge jQuery Cheat Sheet (PNG Image, 1313×900 pixels)
49. Charlotte web design jQuery Cheat Sheet (pdf)
50. Jquery Cheat Sheet 1.2. (pdf)

Further Reading

51. 50+ Amazing jQuery Examples
52. 24 ways: Unobtrusively Mapping Microformats with jQuery

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